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Emerging Business Solutions in Healthcare

FiscusCare was founded to eliminate the clutter and confusion in patient financing, and to bring the best solutions on the market to healthcare providers of every specialty and facilities of every size.  We recognize that every affordability trend in healthcare is moving in the wrong direction:

  • Out-of-pocket costs have skyrocketed

  • Personal savings rates have plummeted

  • Covered procedures are diminishing

  • Reimbursements are getting squeezed

  • Cost of billing & collections are excessive

  • Rate of elective procedures are decreasing

  • Rate of patients foregoing treatment escalating

  • Personal bankruptcies due to medical bills exploding

  • Major hospital bankruptcies at all time high

  • Rural hospitals experiencing record closure rates

Our approach is to partner with the best lending providers to deliver solutions that actually work for patients and providers.  We deliver a true WIN-WIN solution that treats both provider and patient fairly.  We approve every patient without punitive interest rates or late payment penalities.


Contact us today to discover how the right financing solution will enable you to treat more patients without risking your profitability.